Unique Graduation Gifts

One of the most treasured, unique graduation gifts you could ever give is a handcrafted jewelry box or exotic hard wood decorative keepsake box.

Graduation is an exciting time; it is also a symbolic time, when you acknowledge that it's time for your grad to head out into the world as an adult.

A personalized keepsake box can be that first gift that says 'this is for the rest of your life' instead of 'this is for your dorm room'. There are few women, or men, for that matter, that wouldn't love to start out their new life with something that they can always treasure, and yet be versatile enough to change to fit their ever-changing needs.

Additionally, giving decorative wood boxes as unique graduation gifts will make it much easier for you to give gifts in the future. Whether your grad chooses to use their decorative storage boxes to store jewelry, watches, or other trinkets or keepsakes, once they have a box to keep it in, you can add to their collection year after year.

Need ideas to make yours the most special of all unique graduation gifts? Here are just a few ideas:

  • Perhaps your graduate has, until now, only collected costume jewelry; but now, as an emerging adult, she is starting to collect heirloom jewelry. A standing jewelry box with necklace holders can help to organize her jewelry, and make everything easier for her to see.

  • Perhaps the young man is just starting out with that new corporate job, and he needs help organizing his watches and cuff links, as well as keeping his change in one place. This mens jewelry box can help him be more organized and, therefore, more prepared each day to head off to work.

  • However, let's face it; not every grad is ready to start collecting jewelry or keepsakes...they need a job first! This handcrafted wood box would make an excellent "catch-all" or "hold everything jewelry box." It could even be placed on the coffee table to hold remotes! It has dividers that can be removed or arranged to fit your grad's specific needs; from change to car keys to paperwork and bills. Imagination is the only limit!

These unique graduation gifts will help your grad begin his or her new life as an organized adult, instead of tossing their treasures in an old used shoebox. It will encourage them to start their new life off on the right foot; by not only being organized, but being proud of an elegant new addition to their home.

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