About Steve Smith Boxes

Black and white photo of the artist, Steve Smith, and his wife, Karen Smith

Welcome to Steve Smith Boxes. I have been a full-time woodworker for over 35 years.

I make a living by traveling to quality arts and craft shows from coast to coast. When not on the road, my home is in the beautiful state of Colorado.

My first woodworking (back in the 70s) included works such as mirrors, shelves, benches and bread boxes. I have prided myself on evolving not only with the times but also continually learning more about the craft of creating with wood.

Although making a living as an artist is never easy, I honestly love what I do. I love cutting into a new piece of wood, seeing what designs and grains it has to offer. I love watching as the natural art of the wood is revealed, and then working with it to expose the beauty it holds within.

My specialty over the last few years has been handmade jewelry boxes. I also make boxes to hold silverware, remotes, and decorative wooden boxes for shelves or mantles.

At the request of my customers, I have recently begun to make wood cremation urns. I am honored with each urn to be chosen to create such an important piece, and never take for granted its significance.

More than anything, I am always humbled at the overwhelming reactions people have regarding my work. It's hard to see your own work objectively, but I am honored and thankful to be able to continue doing what I love while creating wood pieces that will be loved by others for a long, long time. In a time of mass production, I enjoy knowing that my hard work is enjoyed by people in their homes every day.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to bringing a small amount of happiness and beauty to you and your home or that of a loved one.

PLEASE NOTE: Sadly Steve has passed away, so these boxes are no longer available.

We are in the process of taking this site down; thank you to all of his customers, we hope you treasure your jewelry box forever.

Thank you, 

The Smith Family

Steve Smith Boxes

"The Swingdoor"

"The Wedge"

"The Angle"