Unique Gifts for Women

Nothing can strike fear in the heart of men more than finding unique gifts for women. Whether you're trying to find unique womens gifts for a birthday, anniversary, or unique holiday gift ideas, few things are more daunting; until now!

Handmade standing jewelry box with two side doors and six drawers

There are few gifts that will give the special woman in your life more joy than my handmade jewelry boxes. Just about every woman loves to accessorize; whether she's diamonds and pearls or silver and costume jewelry.

But storing and organizing her jewelry can be exasperating. Does your lady friend or relative store her jewelry in plastic bins or shoe boxes? Get her a unique jewelry box handcrafted of exotic woods from around the world; and she'll be moved beyond words.

Handmade standing jewelry box with two side doors and seven drawers

By far the favorite boxes among women are the large jewelry boxes with necklace holders. Women enjoy having a place to hang their necklaces (other than a nail in the wall in her closet) that keeps them tangle-free and allows her to see her selection.

Handmade standing jewelry box with two side doors with necklace holders and ten drawers

My three boxes with necklace holders are (click on the links below or any of the images):

I make my living traveling to arts and craft shows all over the country. From coast to coast, I have watched thousands of people examine my work; and yet I never tire of watching the sparkle in a woman's eyes or the joy on her face when her man buys her one of my handmade jewelry boxes; or the expression when she decides to treat herself to a jewelry box.

I've had women come to my booth at art shows and tell me about the box that her significant other bought her as a gift; and I never tire of the smiles of appreciation.

I have even had people buy one of my boxes and put a special piece of jewelry in the box as the "icing" to their present. I have had a few customers propose in this way. Just when she thinks it can't get any better....it does.

If you are looking for truly unique gifts for women, then your search has ended.

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