Unique Gifts for Men

Finding unique gifts for men can be challenging; everyone knows that men are hard to buy for.  Whether you're trying to find unique birthday gifts for men, unique holiday gift ideas, fathers day gifts, or retirement gifts, finding unique gifts for guys can seem nearly impossible.  

That is, until now.  

If your special someone seems to have it all, what about a fine, high-quality, handcrafted wooden storage box to keep his personal items in?  Men appreciate the craftsmanship of my work, and the high quality wood is classy, decorative, and yet masculine.  And although guys don't like to admit it, we still have "stuff" we need to store away too.

Need some ideas?

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Most guys come home at the end of the day and empty their pockets onto the counter.  Why not give him a keepsake box where he can store his change, keys, leftover mints, and other items that mysteriously end up in his pockets?

A "catch-all box" is a beautiful place where he can store his remote controls.  Set in the middle of a coffee table, this serves as a classy piece of "non-frilly" decor while also functioning to keep his place organized.

Likewise, a "catch-all box" can be a classy way to clean up his desk either in the home office or at work.  He can store chargers for his devices, pens, staplers, paper clips, and other items for a clutter-free desk.  

If the man in your life wears cufflinks or jewelry, then he'd appreciate the Bevel.  Does he wear watches?  Then the Bevel can come with Super Suede watch rolls for his watches.

Does he collect the fine art of his favorite little artists?  The Flat Box has removable dividers and can be used to store his favorite masterpieces from his little ones (great idea for mom, too).  

Really?  A jewelry or decorative box for a man?

Absolutely.  It's not that men don't appreciate anything you give them.  It's just that they don't get excited about the standard every-day gifts.  Plus, they seem to already have everything.  Except, of course, a masculine, fine piece of woodworking in which they can store their own personal items or collections.  

I have been selling my handmade jewelry boxes and handmade wooden boxes at art and craft shows for over twenty years.  At every single show, my work attracts two types of people; women looking for jewelry boxes... and men.  

Men have an intrinsic appreciation of the work my boxes entail; and there is something about high quality, fine woodworking that all men admire.  Many men have dabbled in their own woodworking and therefore can truly appreciate the work that goes into my boxes.  Quite often, it is the wives that are pulling the men away from my work.

Therefore, my boxes make the ultimate unique gifts for men.  Give them something that shows you understand what they appreciate and can use, a gift that they will treasure forever!  

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I purchased one of your Bubinga and Maple boxes about 4 years ago and still think it's as beautiful as the day I bought it. The craftsmanship is superb and leaves nothing to be desired. My wife loves the flexibility of it and everyone who sees it thinks it is simply stunning. Thanks so much for such a wonderful product.

~ Andy

Thank you, Steve, for the beautiful jewelry box. It is gorgeous and I know that my daughter will love it. We hope it will be an heirloom piece for her to remember her graduation day from med school. Hopefully we will do business again in two years when my other daughter finishes her grad degree. Sincerely yours,

~ Georgia

Just to let you know that my jewelry box arrived and it is stunning, I really love it! I looked at hundreds of them including store-bought (and probably Chinese-made), Amish/Shaker, and other hand-mades, and yours were the most beautiful (and the most versatile, as none of the others had adjustible drawer dividers). Thanks for the beautiful jewelry box, and I'm glad my holiday purchase was Made in the USA.

~ Michelle

Hi Steve, I just wanted to tell you that I have been having so much fun with my beautiful box, putting everything in one place (at last) and standing in front of it with the doors and a drawer open, admiring both the box and my lovely pieces. It sits in a place of honour in my bedroom; and has been much admired by my friends. Keep up the good work!

Kind regards,

~ Pam

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