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***Please note that we are not taking any new orders at this time.  We only have the boxes in stock as listed below.***

This is what we currently have in-stock; we try our best to keep this updated.  If interested, please fill out our contact form and mention which box in which wood, and its corresponding box number.  

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Split Top Boxes

This wooden keepsake box is what I call my "Split Top" box.  It is the  smallest box that I offer, and can be used for a variety of items.  It can be used for a small amount of jewelry, special keepsakes, or as a box to hide unsightly daily things such as keys, change, or power cords for electronic devices.  

The box measures 6" wide by 6" deep and 3" high; so it is perfect for storing just a few small treasures, or perhaps small but precious mementos.  The interior bottom is lined with Super Suede.

This first image is what the spit top box looks like when open (but these are not the boxes we have in stock):

Split Tops in Stock

Flat Box

This particular handmade jewelry box is what I call my Flat Box. It is one of my most versatile boxes in the sense that it works as equally well for men or women.

Since this box is not very tall, it doesn't demand a lot of room (it measures 15" wide by 10" deep and 2.5" high). It can easily be stored away; however, the beautiful patterns of the burl lid will make you want to display it wherever you can.

***Please note these particular boxes do not include the dividers, so they are discounted from the regular price. The bottom interior is lined with Super Suede.***

Each is an open box on the inside.  This makes it a great box for storing photos, cards, kids' drawings, or remotes and unsightly device charger cords.  To see how this box can be used without the dividers, please click here.

Bevel Box

This is one of my jewelry boxes that works just as well as a jewelry box for men or women.  It measures 15" wide by 10.5" deep and 4" high.  The lid lifts up to reveal two tiers of jewelry storage.  On the top layer there are two sliding trays with dividers; they slide in either direction to allow access to the level below.  This allows for a large amount of storage in a relatively compact space.  

***Please note I only have one completed Bevel box left (the first one listed).  The remaining bevels do not include the trays or dividers and are therefore discounted; but still make beautiful storage boxes for remote controls, cell phone chargers, or desk organizers (staplers, pens, etc).***

Completed Bevel Box = $350

Bevel Boxes without Trays and Dividers

Again, please note the following are my bevel design without the trays and dividers (the interior bottom is lined with Super Suede).  These make beautiful storage boxes that can hold remote controls, cell phone chargers, kids' drawings, mementos, or desk items (such as staplers, pens, etc).  

Each bevel measures 15" wide by 10.5" deep and 4" high. 

End Table / Jewelry Storage

This unique piece can be used as a bedside end table and also holds jewelry or mementos.  It measures 20.5" wide x 12" deep x 30" high.  It is made of black walnut, with curly maple for the drawers.  

The top drawer is missing one divider bar, but the dividers are designed to pull out and arrange according to your needs.  

Interested in a Box?

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