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Handmade Wooden Cremation Urns

Handmade wooden cremation urn surrounded by white flowers

Wood cremation urnWooden cremation urnsWooden cremation urn

In your time of loss, it can be difficult to choose how to memorialize your loved one. Cremation is quickly becoming a popular choice over burial, for numerous reasons.

While my urns are often used as burial urns, they are most commonly used as decorative urns that memorialize loved ones with elegance and beauty. They can be displayed in your home and, at first glance, appear to be a beautiful decorative box or vase; without the typical overbearing look of a manufactured burial urn.

Each urn can be customized with an engraved plate that will be placed on the urn where you prefer.

If cremation is your loved one’s wish or yours, choosing an urn is one of the most important decisions in this difficult process. Each of my decorative burial urns are handmade by me; they are not mass produced in a factory. Since no two pieces of wood are ever alike, each urn is truly a one-of-a-kind work of art. My custom urns will honor the life of your loved one, and provide an elegant vessel through which you can share the beauty of the person you’ve lost.

Many people feel that the mass-produced urns, while more affordable than my handmade decorative urns, are tacky, cheap looking, and impersonal. If you are looking for burial urns that truly honor your loved one, show your love by choosing a memorial urn that is as unique as they were.

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Prices for my handcrafted wooden urns range from $400 to $900; depending on the design and the woods used. Please Contact Me for more information on any of my urns.

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